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Politics on the rocks

August 1, 2014
Dan Libman. Photo by Dan Klefstad.

Dan Libman. Photo by Dan Klefstad.

In the name of free speech and democracy, NIU English instructor Dan Libman is going bar hopping.

In anticipation of the November elections, Northern Public Radio (WNIJ and WNIU) decided to go beyond its usual in-depth coverage of the issues and candidates. So the radio station invited Libman, a Pushcart Prize-winning author, to visit places where voters are most likely to speak their minds: local taverns.

The first installment of the series aired July 7 on Morning Edition, and the second one will air at 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 4. Future episodes will continue to air the first week of every month, and with each episode, Libman is producing an essay to be posted on the Northern Public Radio website.

This isn’t Libman’s first stint with Northern Public Radio. Listeners might remember him from last year’s Pedaling Lincoln Highway series.