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DeKalb Fire to conduct high-rise training at Grant South

July 28, 2014

Photo of an fire alarm on a wallThe DeKalb Fire Department will be conducting high-rise fire training in the B Tower of Grant South during the week of August 28, according to the Northern Illinois University Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

The purpose of the training is to provide practical experience for the fire department in practicing high rise fire procedures in addition to familiarizing new recruits with high rise operating procedures.

The training exercises will include fire department access the following spaces and conditions at Grant South:

  • Grant core stairwells, floors, rooftops and south lobby
  • Use of non-toxic theatrical stage smoke to simulate fire conditions on specific floors
  • Shut down of the building’s air handling system

The fire department will provide and install protective smoke alarm covers to prevent the inadvertant activation of the residence hall’s fire alarm, and the building’s elevators will remain out of service.