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Novell passwords to shift to 365-day lifespans

July 15, 2014

An NIU Honors student uses the library computer.Effective Tuesday, July 22, all new employee password changes will have an expiration of 365 days rather than 130 days.

No immediate action is required: Current passwords are still valid and will continue to expire on the date already set in the system.

However, the next time users go online to change them, they will be asked to provide new passwords with a minimum of 10-characters rather than the current eight-character minimum. These passwords will remain valid for one full year before users must change them again.

All other password requirements will remain the same.

ITS continually looks for ways to improve usability of the system while maintaining security overall, protecting NIU accounts and the university’s academic, research and business information resources while doing its best to meet the needs of clients.

While research has shown that frequent password changes provide the illusion of security, longer passwords provide better actual security.

Information technology is an ever-changing environment, however. Certain user groups might require additional security measures on their passwords in the future; those issues will be addressed as they are identified.

For more information, contact the ITS Helpdesk at (815) 753-8100 or [email protected].