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Core network modernization under way

July 10, 2014

Photo of a spedometerThe Division of Information Technology is modernizing NIU’s core network to maximize speed and security.

More Bandwidth

The DoIT Network Services team is hard at work installing new network infrastructure (equipment, fiber optic cabling) across campus to enhance the scalability of NIU’s network. As part of the project, 10-gigabit connections are replacing one-gigabit connections within the core and distribution segments of the network, and will further extend down to campus buildings.

Increasing bandwidth is necessary because of rising demand in the residence halls, the growing number of mobile devices on campus and the nearly completed upgrade from 10MB to 100MB connections in campus buildings. It also will provide support for Internet2 and data-heavy research in geography, high performance computing and physics.

More Uptime

Redundant connections within the NIU network and out to the Internet will keep services going if there is a power outage or a fiber is cut. In the new “mesh topology,” the campus community network will be capable of routing traffic to a redundant data-center, significantly reducing the possibility of service disruption due to equipment/fiber failures.

Core Network Modernization

More Security

The Division of Information Technology has invested in a powerful new set of security appliances that will protect the NIU network from evolving security threats. The new security appliances will detect and protect NIU from external attacks as well as internal attacks from compromised computers on the network, without slowing the overall speed of the network.

Temporary Outages

Some work will temporarily impact local connectivity, which we will notify the campus of through the ITS website, email, NIU Today and individual technical support staff.