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ITS lowers rates for virtual servers

April 14, 2014

Photo of computer cablesHave an ITS-hosted virtual server? The money savings have begun.

Starting this month, new and existing customers will pay much lower rates for virtual servers. Strategic investments in hardware and software have enabled ITS to reduce the monthly fee for a basic production virtual server from $275 to $50.

Custom virtual machines are also cheaper due to reductions in the rates for additional vCPUs, RAM and SAN attached storage.

Virtual server advantages over physical servers

  • Virtual servers can be created in a fraction of the time it would take to quote, purchase and install a physical server. Implementation takes approximately one week. The one-time setup fee has been reduced to $150.
  • ITS maintains the server and its physical environment, provides virus protection, applies patches and updates and creates backups.
  • To maintain uninterrupted service, virtual servers are monitored 24/7/365. If there is a hardware failure, your virtual server will move to another host server. If a host server becomes overloaded, virtual servers are automatically redistributed to other servers with no interruption in service.
  • Servers require a significant amount of electricity to operate.¬†They generate a lot of heat, so more electricity is needed to keep the servers cool. Virtual servers use between 80 and 90 percent less energy compared to the physical servers.

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