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A little Huskie lovin’

April 8, 2014

Photo of a half-eaten cookie and a glass of juice with an open textbookNIU families can meet and collaborate in their hometown areas through the “Sending Huskie Love” program, thanks to Huskie Family Connections.

The task? Building care packages for their students.

Here’s how it works. Each participating family brings between 10 and 15 single-serving snack items, keeping good nutrition in mind: granola bars, trail mix, juice boxes, chips, Chex mix, candy bars, etc. These items are compiled to make the care packages, distributing the various snack items among all the packages.

Often, NIU families will prepare care packages not only for their students, but also for the roommates of their students.

Huskie Family Connections staff members then bring the care packages back to NIU, where students are contacted to pick them up at Suite 150 of the Campus Life Building.

This is a new initiative to support students and help NIU families connect with one another. Three “Sending Huskie Love” events have been held during this spring semester in Elgin, Joliet and Naperville.

To arrange a “Sending Huskie Love” event, call (815) 753-4444 or email [email protected].