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What if money were no object?

April 4, 2014
Robert Adducci

Robert Adducci

Alum Robert Adducci posed the “key question in life” to honors students today, asking them what they would do with the rest of their lives if they never had to worry about money.

The students, who had gathered for lunch and some time with Adducci as part of University Honor’s Souper Wednesday program, had some good answers.

One said he would be a physician for a global health clinic. Another that she would help people learn English to help them obtain their GEDs.

Adducci, a social and real estate entrepreneur who owns Adducci Partners Ltd., is one of the founders of the NIU Executive Club (now the NIU Executive Leadership Forum), a founding partner at Social Venture Partners Chicago, and the founder of the Adducci Family Foundation, which strives to provide life-enhancing opportunities to at-risk youth in the Chicago area.

Adducci also serves as a mentor at Impact Engine, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs, saying that he has a passion for developing the leadership capacity of the next generation of social impact leaders.

The students enjoyed hearing about Adducci’s career path and experiences with social entrepreneurship. He gave them valuable advice about aligning their actions and passions with their highest goals, emphasizing the importance of taking action now to pursue their dreams – not waiting until they win the lottery to do so.

Robert Adducci and University Honors students