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Planning thesis on display through March 28

March 17, 2014

Master planThe Northern Illinois University Student Association is displaying blueprints and ideas from the campus master planning thesis in the second floor Gallery Lounge in the Holmes Student Center through March 28. The organization is seeking the input of the university and community on ideas to improve NIU’s campus experience.

“I invite you to stop by the student center and provide feedback on these bold ideas,” says NIU President Doug Baker. “These concepts show how a comprehensive and coordinated set of actions could significantly improve the day-to-day lives of students, faculty, staff and visitors; constructively re-engage NIU with the City of DeKalb; and create a place of inspiration, community and memories for all.”

Jack Barry

Jack Barry

NIU Student Association President Jack Barry announced the idea of the display during SA Senate and University Council meetings last month.

The concepts for the “re-envisioned” NIU campus include the mockups and renderings from consultants who poured over the input provided by campus leaders, students, facilities staff, City of DeKalb leaders and local stakeholders. While these ideas still require further consideration and exploration, they provide a starting point to re-envision NIU’s campus.

Within the display are eight bold ideas that shape the way the campus looks, lives and engages the community at large. They include the idea of a ten minute, walkable campus; the quad, spine and water features; DeKalb as a walkable, cool town; Lucinda as a campus “main street;” a reborn Hillcrest neighborhood; and residential tower reduction, among others.

Visitors can indicate ideas they like by placing a sticker on a board beneath each idea. There is also space to write suggestions for improving campus life in support of student career success.

The display is open from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily.