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Campus Recreation Sport Clubs invite players

February 26, 2014

NIU Campus Recreation Club Sports: RacquetballRemember the days of high school athletics and the spirit of competition? Have you ever wanted to remain active in some of your favorite sports?

Campus Recreation offers 31 different Sport Clubs that could be an outlet for you.

“Sport Clubs are the perfect outlet. They are a great way to get involved on campus,” said Dee Sanderson, president of the Sport Club Advisory Counsel and women’s rugby. “They also are a way of continuing your passion for sports, ranging from recreational to highly competitive.”

NIU Sport Clubs include a variety or sports that offer various levels of competition.

Clubs range from more competitive sports including men’s and women’s rugby, ice hockey and men’s and women’s volleyball. These clubs compete nationwide against other university and college club and Division II and III teams.

Other clubs, including fencing and dodgeball, are recreational clubs which are more relaxed and instructional than competitive. NIU also offers the opportunity to start a new sport club that interests you.

Sport Clubs do not require a certain athletic ability or a try-out process.

For more information, stop by the Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk to fill out a red Sport Clubs inquiry card, or contact Ryan Morse, coordinator of Competitive Sports & Youth Programs, at (815) 753-1370 or [email protected].