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Faculty Senate seeks personnel advisor

February 13, 2014
Toni Tollerud

Toni Tollerud

Toni Tollerud, a professor in the College of Education’s Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, is completing her term of service as the Faculty and SPS Personnel Advisor.

At its Wednesday, April 23, meeting, the Faculty Senate will elect a new FSPSPA for a two-year term to begin July 1.

The FSPSPA provides advice, advocacy and counsel to both faculty members and SPS employees. The specific duties of the position are described in Article 9 of the NIU Bylaws.

The FSPSPA must be a full-time, tenured faculty member and should have experience with the personnel process at NIU and be familiar with the administrative structure and operations of the university. The advisor cannot concurrently hold membership on any university committee dealing with the personnel process.

The FSPSPA receives compensation equal to one month of the median salary of all tenured professors each semester and summer session. The initial appointment is a two-year term of 11 months each year and is renewable for an additional 11 months. The FSPSPA is ineligible for a successive term.

Interested faculty members should send a letter of self-nomination describing their interests and qualifications to Alan Rosenbaum, president of the Faculty Senate, 103 Altgeld Hall, by Wednesday, March 19.

Questions should be directed to Rosenbaum at (815) 753-9306 or [email protected].