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A time and a place(ment)

February 7, 2014

Photo of a person taking a standardized test with a No. 2 pencilAlthough there is much snow to be melted from campus sidewalks, it won’t be much longer before the 2014 Student Orientation Leader staff will be leading incoming students and their families around campus this summer.

New students are required to attend a one-day orientation program to register for classes while their leaders help them make positive, smooth transitions to NIU.

To make this transition even smoother, NIU has instituted a new testing policy that will require all new students to complete their placement testing requirements prior to attending their orientation program.

In past years, students were able to wait and complete required testing during their orientation day.

Greg Barker

Greg Barker

“Testing, academic advising and orientation personnel have been concerned with the impact that testing during the orientation day has on students’ orientation and registration experiences” says Greg Barker, director of NIU Testing Services. “We are confident that by taking care of required testing prior to attending orientation, students will have a less hectic orientation day experience and be able to have more time to spend with their academic advising and registration activities.”

New students will have a variety of testing opportunities available to them, including Saturday on-campus testing sessions offered during the spring, math placement exams available at off-campus locations near their hometowns, and morning testing sessions held on summer orientation days prior to their assigned orientation date.

For more information, call (815) 753-1203 or email [email protected].

Students who have been admitted for the summer or fall 2014 semesters and have confirmed their intent to attend NIU are now eligible to reserve their orientation dates online. For more information, call (815) 753-1535 or email [email protected].