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Kusiolek named CEO of new magazine

December 19, 2013
Richard Kusiolek

Richard Kusiolek

Northern Illinois University alumnus Richard Kusiolek–who previously served in the U.S. Air Force–has been named North American Chief Executive Officer for Global Military Communications (GMC) magazine.

The newly appointed CEO will spearhead the magazine within the U.S. using his military background as well as Silicon Valley internet-related technologies, including architecting Digital Battlefields, Digital Broadband Cities, Space Solar Power Systems, and PowerCom Parks.

“GMC has a great opportunity within the U.S., and I am confident I can bring the readers new, innovative articles that will challenge current perceptions of the field,” Kusiolek said.

The new US-focused military publication will showcase realities such as new generations of defense related broadband networks, the deployment of a seamless wireless networks, and a new reinvigorated U.S. Defense Military IT infrastructure.  Advanced technology and trends will provide the reader with a clear understanding of current and future programs that affect their business models.  Cyber warfare and the use of drones to meet critical battlefield challenges are two of the many GMC featured topics that will change decision making within the top and secondary tier U.S. A&D companies.

GMC will also highlight how aerospace and defense companies can adapt to spending cuts, identify growth areas, and keep current projects alive while investing in talent and energy for future programs.  Branding, business development strategies, contractual platforms, legislative realities, influence, and timing will play an important role in winning future A& D contracts.  GMC will include more analysis and product focused articles that really get to the core of the communications products available in the market today.

Kusiolek served in the U.S. Air Force with the highly decorated 1st Air Commando Squadron (5th AF – MACV).  Richard attended Northern Illinois University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree, with majors in Marketing and Personnel Administration.  He received an MBA from San Francisco  State University with specialization in International Marketing and Finance.

Kusiolek had participated in the Department of Defense telecommunication transition as a key member of the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Space/Defense Consortium and in the Stanford University Defense Military Conversion Programs.  As an adjunct graduate school professor, Kusiolek proposed to President Clinton’s administration and Governor Pete Wilson’s administration the first “High Technology City” for California’s Silicon Valley.

Kusiolek was an active member of the Wireless Alliance and was a participant in the Canadian Ministry’s Inter-Regional Collaboration on Telecommunications Technology.  He has provided consulting insights to the U.S. Defense Department on Global Aerospace and Satellite systems.  As a press correspondent for Via Satellite, APSCC and UK Evolution Group, Kusiolek has written extensively on International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), VSAT networks and applications, and Space and Terrestrial Hybrid networks.