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Spicy! College of Ed turns fifty shades of ‘New’

November 25, 2013

Photo of a dirty plate with fork and knifeNIU College of Education students might be surprised to find allusions to “Hunger Games,” Dungeons & Dragons, Tupac Shakur and even “Fifty Shades of Grey” among their Spring 2014 course selections.

The classes – open to all NIU students – were redesigned by faculty in response to the interests of their students. To promote these new offerings, the college has launched a campaign dubbed “Craving Something New?”

Dean La Vonne Neal said the new classes are a reflection of professors’ desires to engage scholars in refreshing ways.

“We recognize that sometimes that means re-imagining our syllabi from the viewpoint of our current and prospective students,” Neal said. “This campaign communicates to scholars that our courses offer them something refreshing and tantalizing to spice up their academic palate.”

The final result is a total of more than 15 new course offerings from all of the college’s departments. For more information, contact the sponsoring department.

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