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Green Lens to host ‘upcycling’ craft parties

November 15, 2013

Green Lens Environmental Film Festival logoTurn your trash into holiday treasures this season at one of the Green Lens Environmental Film Festival’s three upcycling craft parties.

All are welcome to attend these fun, educational workshops at Tapa La Luna, 226 E. Lincoln Hwy., to participate in make-and-take craft activities.

Organizers say the workshops will show people how to save money this holiday season by reusing and repurposing everyday items to make great gifts and keepsakes.

Green Lens will host the following sessions at Tapa La Luna from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday, Nov. 19: Boxes to Brooches. Transform unwanted clothing into wearable art. Attendees can make brooches, barrettes, bracelets, and more.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3: Keeping the T in Christmas. Those faded T-shirts taking up space in your drawers can be turned into yarn, scarves, blankets, and even new outfits. Attendees will participate in T-shirt revitalization. Bring your old shirts!
  • Tuesday, Dec. 10: Ornamentation Celebration. Make new ornaments out of old books and photos and give new life to your used holiday trimmings. Bring copies of photos!

Organizers will have tools and supplies on hand, but they encourage attendees to bring additional materials to add a personal touch to their crafts.

This brooch is one example of the wearable art attendees will be able to create. The brooch was made with fabric from old dresses.

This brooch is one example of the wearable art attendees will be able to create. The brooch was made with fabric from old dresses.

“I’m excited to see what everyone makes out of their old household items,” Green Lens intern Chelsey Fulbright said. “This is going to be a great way to show people that they don’t always have to throw things away. With a little creativity and some hot glue, you can give new life to second-hand items.”

“Tapa La Luna is the perfect spot for community members to get their upcycling juices flowing! The atmosphere and food are terrific and the owners are focused on green community initiatives,” says Gillian King-Cargile, co-director of Green Lens. “Tapa La Luna employs a variety of energy-saving measures, incorporates upcycled materials into their décor, and has electronic versions of their drink menus on iPads so that they don’t have to reprint menus every time their selections change.”

The cost to attend an upcycling craft party is $10 a person. Food, beverages and green-themed drink specials will be available for purchase from Tapa La Luna. Donations for each session will support the Green Lens Environmental Film Festival, a community festival that hosts film screenings and events to show people the small changes they can make to help the environment.

Green Lens 2014 will be held from Feb. 24 through Feb. 27 at NIU and in downtown DeKalb.

The festival is sponsored by NIU Outreach and the Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy. Learn more and RSVP for the craft parties at