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Worlds of memories and dreams

November 5, 2013

In ProgressTwo NIU students’ worlds of memories and dreams will burst forth from the doors of two household cabinets in the Holmes Student Center Diversions Lounge at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21, through Sunday, Nov. 24.

NIU School of Theatre and Dance seniors Caitlin Cavannaugh and Christie Coran will present “In Progress,” a two-woman physical theater production – a piece of devised, experimental theater based on their original poetry.

The show explores their past four years at NIU and all that goes into being a college student and growing up. Themes of some of the poems include love, finding your voice, leaving the past behind, taking risks to grow and living with a fat-man heart.

“Every person at NIU has their own experiences, stories, and journey. These are just two voices from a sea of thousands,” Cavannaugh said.

Coran and Cavannaugh took each poem, explored it through movement and shaped each into a movement-scene. “We wanted to experiment with translating the poems from words to movement – to take the spirit of the poem, take away the words and put that spirit into motion,” Coran said.

In ProgressDevised theater encompasses productions originating from a group of creators (not limited to actors), rather than an outside writer. Essentially, the actor both creates and interprets, as opposed to solely interpreting pre-written text from a playwright.

This is not a typical NIU School of Theatre and Dance production. It is not Shakespeare or Moliere; there is not even a script.

“The show is our exploration of theater itself. Instead of what theater is, we want to explore what theater can be,” Cavannaugh said.

The production is also serving as the students’ senior Honors Capstone project. After the shows, there will be talk-backs to discuss the process of developing the work.

“In Progress” will be presented in the Holmes Student Center Diversions Lounge. Tickets are $5 and available only at the door. All proceeds go to the students’ senior headshots and film reels fund.

For more information, email [email protected].