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Letter: Parents pleased with son’s transfer process, experience at NIU

October 30, 2013
Aditya Banerjee

Aditya Banerjee

We wanted to share our son’s experience at NIU. In fall of 2010, our son graduated from high school and was invited to join one of the top ten universities in the U.S. to study engineering. It was an exciting time for him as well as for us as the parents. We wanted the best of academics and social environment for him.

Sad to say, right from the beginning our son felt he was just a person in a big crowd. Coming from a high school where almost everyone knew everyone else, he felt that his identity was reduced to just a number. Furthermore his desire to change his major from Industrial Engineering to Mechanical Engineering was met with disapproval and tough guidelines. In short he was expected to achieve a GPA of min 3.5 in the first few semesters in order to even qualify for a hearing on the change request.

As parents we noticed our son gradually lose interest in the academics and became concerned. We started exploring other colleges and came upon NIU after visiting their website and making a few calls.


We heard good things about faculty and teaching at NIU from our friends whose children had graduated from there. From the very beginning our experience at NIU was very pleasant. Our son felt that he was being treated as a person and not just another student with an id. He is now in his third year at NIU and is doing very well.

We are glad that we made the decision early on to make the crucial change for our son and can certainly see him laying the road to a successful career. For this we wish to thank the staff and faculty at the College of Engineering, first and foremost. We also wish to extend our gratitude to the Dept. of Admissions who helped our son with selecting the proper major and thereby helping him grow.


Punam and Milan Banerjee
Bolingbrook, Illinois