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Depression screening scheduled Oct. 17

October 1, 2013

Photo of young woman with depressionEach academic year, millions of students are affected by depression, anxiety or a related mental health issue.

Depression is a serious medical condition that is disabling and can be characterized by mood, physical and cognitive changes. These symptoms can prevent a person from functioning normally.

And while 44 percent of college students report feeling depressed, fewer than half seek treatment.

Social stigma, confusion and a simple lack of knowledge of the resources available prevent many from seeking out the help they need. National Depression Screening Day is an opportunity for students to better understand what they might be experiencing.

NIU’s Counseling & Student Development Center will host a free depression screening from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, in the Fishbowl Room of the Stevenson North Residence Hall.

Help. Your. Self.Students will fill out brief, confidential questionnaires and talk with counselors about their personal situations. Students also will learn more about depression and a range of common mental health concerns as well as resources available on campus or within the DeKalb community.

Participants also will receive free pizza.

Non-students interested in local free depression screening should contact the Ben Gordon Center at (815) 756-4875.

For more information, contact Erica Wade at (815) 753-1206 or [email protected].