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Gary Andrews wins Award of Excellence

September 13, 2013
Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews, a longtime instructor with the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology’s Traffic Safety Education program, was honored this spring by his employer: Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202.

Andrews, the lead driver education instructor at Plainfield Central High School, received an Award of Excellence in recognition of his significant impact on students, staff and community.

“Gary goes above and beyond for all of his students. He spends countless hours before and after school preparing lessons,” one of his colleagues wrote. “Our program at PHSCC has thrived under his leadership.”

His association with the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology began in the 1970s as a graduate assistant in the Department of Technology’s safety program, which includes the driver education teacher endorsement courses needed for certification. He earned his master’s degree in 1980.

“Andrews is one of the State of Illinois’ most-qualified driver education instructors as a result of this combination of education and experience,” said Frank J. Gruber IV, professor emeritus of the NIU-CEET Traffic Safety Institute. “Andrews exemplifies what NIU graduates can accomplish with advanced education and dedication to their professions.”

“The Department of Technology is proud of the achievement level that Gary has achieved in his career,” added Chair Cliff Mirman. “Gary has applied his NIU education and hard work to become a leader in this area.”

A member of the Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association and the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association, Andrews also partook in workshops on evasive driving maneuvers and school bus driver instructor training.

He also became a certified Harley-Davidson Rider’s Edge instructor after serving as an instructor in NIU’s Motorcycle Safety Project, launched by the Department of Technology’s Duane Johnson.