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Grants available to faculty for research, artistry

September 11, 2013

Photo of checkbook and penResearch and Artistry is an annual internal grant program intended to support faculty research, scholarship and creative activities.

Applications are due in the fall and awards are made in the spring. The process is competitive and all applications are externally reviewed.

Proposals are invited from NIU faculty to support research and artistry activities in all academic areas. This support reflects the university’s commitment to investing resources in faculty research, scholarly and creative activities.

In 2013-14, proposals will be accepted in three categories: Opportunity Grants; Facilitation Grants; and Completion Grants.

The Research and Artistry Executive Council emphasizes research/artistry support for beginning faculty, but also provides funds to support tenured faculty as well. Proposal development, evaluation procedures, timelines,and eligibility requirements are provided separately for each grant.

All proposals will be reviewed by one or more external reviewers (reviewer nominations to be provided by the applicant) who will provide information on the intellectual merit of the proposal, on the applicant’s qualifications to carry out the proposed work, and the extent to which funding, if provided, would benefit the applicant.

The Research and Artistry Executive Council evaluates the scores and reviewer comments and make recommendations for funding.

Applications are due by Monday, Oct. 21. Applications are submitted online; no hard copy of the documents required. Applicants are encouraged to review FAQs from previous years.

For more information, contact David Stone at (815) 753-9282 or [email protected].