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Proposals invited for Spring 2014 TLCs

September 3, 2013

TLC!As the Fall 2013 semester begins, the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (OSEEL) is already gearing up for Spring 2014.

With 17 Themed Learning Communities (TLCs) this fall, OSEEL is looking to finalize Spring 2014 TLCs.


OSEEL is currently accepting proposals for Spring 2014 TLCs. University colleges or departments interested in developing a TLC for Spring 2014 can submit their proposals to OSEEL by September 20, 2013 for review.

Spring TLCs can provide a continuation of a Fall 2013 TLC (including the next courses in the sequence, e.g. ENGL 104), a repeat of a Fall 2013 TLC (identical courses) or a new TLC.


TLCs are groups of two or three classes bundled together around a common course theme, interest, or major with the goal of providing students the opportunity to engage deeply with the theme. The class size is typically between 20 and 25 students (with 25 being the maximum) so students are able to develop relationships with faculty, peers and TLC peer leaders.

Also adding to the uniqueness of TLCs is the integrative assignments – developed by TLC faculty members – that draw on concepts from all TLC courses, further enhancing the students’ learning experience. In addition, TLCs often offer professional development opportunities, funding for field trips and other engaged learning opportunities.

Those currently teaching in a TLC who would like to continue their TLC for Spring 2014 should also resubmit a proposal.

For more information, call (815) 753-8154 or email [email protected].