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Law Class of 2016 off to a strong start

August 28, 2013
Jennifer Rosato

Jennifer Rosato

The NIU College of Law welcomed the Class of 2016 to their new home for the next three years.

The new class gathered Aug. 12 in Swen Parson Hall to begin a week of orientation. The class of 103 students came to NIU with strong diverse backgrounds and from areas throughout the country.

Students were officially welcomed by Dean Jennifer Rosato and other law school administrators, including new Associate Dean for Student Services Kathleen Coles, faculty and staff.

“Orientation is such an important experience to ease their transition to law school,” Rosato said. “We encourage them to envision their role in the profession from the beginning.”

During her welcome, Rosato encouraged the new students to strive for excellence and set them on a course toward both academic and professional success.

As the week progressed, the class was introduced to numerous concepts vital to the study of law.

One of the week’s highlights, and perhaps one of the most important, was their afternoon dedicated to a program on professionalism. Sponsored by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, students heard remarks from Justice Joseph E. Birkett of the Second District Illinois Appellate Court before he administered the “Pledge of Professionalism” in which the students commit themselves to upholding the highest standards and ideals of the legal profession.

Students then participated in small group sessions, facilitated by attorneys and judges, discussing hypothetical scenarios that presented a number of challenging professionalism issues.

NIU Law Class of 2016

NIU Law Class of 2016

Along with this important training, students were introduced to law school through mock courses and exams, student and alumni panels, in addition to being educated on the importance of financial planning and networking in the legal profession.

At a reception held at the Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic in Rockford, members of the class learned about the clinical programs and were given an opportunity to gain valuable personal insights on the law school experience by talking with area alumni, judges and elected officials.

As their law school orientation came to an end, the first-year students were placed firmly at the beginning – the beginning of a rewarding journey toward the bar. Becoming even more equipped with tools to help them succeed, the students were warmly embraced into a family that will provide them with support throughout their legal profession and into a place that will very soon begin feeling a lot like home.