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Concealed carry law affirms NIU weapon ban

August 20, 2013

concealed-carry-1a-getty-images-photo-by-shelly-katzThe General Assembly has passed concealed carry legislation into law in Illinois, which allows Northern Illinois University to continue its practice of prohibiting guns on campus. The possession and carrying of weapons on NIU property remains illegal and prohibited. This extends to all property owned or controlled by the university including, but not limited to, places outside of the DeKalb campus where university classes, programs, and activities are held.

Violations of this prohibition will subject persons to arrest and referral for criminal prosecution, as well as appropriate discipline up to and including expulsion from the university and/or termination from employment. If a person believed to be in violation of this prohibition is encountered, please call the NIU Department of Police and Public Safety at 815-753-1212.

Regulations and a system for granting concealed carry licenses are forthcoming from the State of Illinois. Northern Illinois University is examining the Illinois concealed carry legislation and intends to issue more formal policy on concealed carry in the near future.

For questions about this statement, please contact the NIU Department of Police and Public Safety at 815-753-1212. Additional information about Illinois concealed carry legislation may be found on the Illinois State Police website.