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Dude, where’s my bus?

August 14, 2013

Huskie BusThe NIU Student Association has announced new Huskie Bus routes for the upcoming academic year (Fall 2013) and onward.

New routes will be operating as of the first day of classes: Monday, Aug. 26.

Most changes are with routes 1 through 6, which differ from previous years.

Route 1 (1R & 1L) takes riders around campus. Route 2 (2R & 2L) takes students to the residence halls, the Northern View Community, DuSable Hall and the Holmes Student Center.

Route 3 has not gone through any significant changes; however, students who live in the northwest corridor can now utilize the Twombly Road bus, which is the new Route 4. Route 4 has many of the same stops as Route 3, but with an extra four stops along Twombly Road. This is aimed to provide transportation to Twombly Road residents and serve those in the northwest corridor.

James Zanayed and Joe Frascello

James Zanayed and Joe Frascello

Finally, the new Route 6 serves southern DeKalb, known as Route 2 in past years. This bus requires a valid OneCard or fare to ride. Paying this fare allows DeKalb residents and non-students to ride the Huskie Line buses.

“The bus route changes bring an interesting dynamic to the Huskie Bus Line. Now the bus routes will work more efficiently and better serve the students of this great university,” said Student Association Senate Speaker James Zanayed. “It is important to note that the bus system is run by the students for the students. Every time a decision that affects the transportation of students, sufficient planning and execution is required. I have no doubt all the hard work put in by former (Mass Transit) Director Peritz and current Director Frascello will improve our bus system.”

The new Huskie Bus Routes are more cost efficient, and the Student Association feels that the new routes serve the students better and are easier to use.

The Huskie Bus system operates with a $3.8 million dollar budget supported by student fees. Operations are implemented by Veolia Transportation with oversight and decision-making from the Student Association director of Mass Transit and Mass Transit Board. The Student Association is proud to control one of the largest and most accessible student-run bus services in the nation.

Huskie Bus“Our university’s new bus routes are designed to make getting around DeKalb easier than ever before,” said Joe Frascello, director of Mass Transit.

“Students will quickly notice the simplicity and efficiency of our improved bus system. When deciding on the new routes, we made sure to keep the students in mind. Not only are the routes significantly refined, we saved over $150,000 in student fees,” Frascello added. “The Huskie Line is now more effective. When something is effective, it produces a decisive, desirable outcome. That is exactly what this new system accomplishes.”

The Student Association’s top transportation priority for the Fall 2013 semester is communicating the changes to the student body and making the transition as smooth as possible. There will be fliers around campus and at several bus stops so students can see where their buses go before getting on them.

“I am excited to see the new bus routes in action,” SA President Jack Berry said. “Students are going to find themselves getting around campus easier.”

For more information, call (815)-753-9917 or email [email protected].