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NIU construction nears completion

August 6, 2013

Huskie Pride At Work!As summer winds its way toward fall, major campus improvement projects are enjoying some finishing touches.

Current work include renovations to residence halls such as Gilbert Hall and Grant D Tower. Meanwhile, the brand-new Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex and the Kenneth & Ellen Chessick Practice Center are nearing completion.

Each of these projects will enhance the living-learning environment for current and future NIU students.

“The past six-month period has been among the most aggressive in terms of the number of campus improvements that are transforming our living-learning environment,” NIU President Douglas Baker says. “And I am looking forward to seeing the impact these improvements will have on student success.”

A campus improvement map shows the extent of construction that has either been completed or is under way at NIU. Campus improvements are approximately 80 percent complete, says Jeff Daurer, associate vice president of Facilities Planning and Operations.

“I have really been pleased with the way the many projects we have undertaken have been managed,” Daurer says. “We had set a challenging schedule, and for us, it has been important to simultaneously manage these improvements to come in on time and under budget.”

Huskie Pride at Work!Other campus beautification work includes water feature installations in the Lorusso Lagoon and Barsema Pond, where fountains are being installed to not only add to the scenic beauty but to aerate the bodies of water so as to prevent algae growth.

In addition to completion of these important construction projects, Huskie pride is at work in the form of electrical infrastructure improvements; roadwork and patching; parking lot repairs; bridge repairs and building tuckpointing; painting; window cleaning; roof repairs; and lighting upgrades that include new LED lights near Stevenson and Grant Towers in addition to “Q-tip” lighting near the Holmes Student Center, the DuSable bus turnaround and the Psych-Math Building.

Daurer says his priorities include “completing projects we’ve started, ensuring the parking lots are substantially complete, and addressing any planned remaining safety or accessibility projects before the beginning of the fall semester.”