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International exchange

July 25, 2013

Students from Zhejiang University of Technology visit NIUImagine having two short weeks to learn about these lecture topics:

  • Advancement of materials in micro-manufacturing
  • Vibrations, energy and environment
  • CAD/CAM and finite element methods in modern design and manufacturing
  • Intercultural orientation
  • U.S. geography, leadership, language and culture

Now, imagine being taught in Mandarin. How would you do?

NIU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology welcomed Dean Xing He from the Zhejiang University of Technology and 11 mechanical engineering students to amplify their engineering training in a program on Technology, Leadership and American Culture.

The training program, which began July 22, continues through Wednesday, Aug. 7.

Zhejiang University of Technology

Promod Vohra, dean of the NIU college, welcomed the group and emphasized the importance of seeing the world from variant perspectives and how regions utilize products differently.

“Companies are looking for global skills and students should not be limited technically, socially or geographically,” Vohra said. “The job market for multilingual and knowledgeable students who understand other regions of the world is wide open.”

Jenn-Terng Gau, professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, said the international training program started four years ago with students from South Korea; many later came back to NIU completed advanced graduate studies. “We promote cross-cultural training as this benefits our NIU students as well.”

The Zhejiang students are traveling on field trips to industry partners such as Caterpillar, Fermi National Lab and Freedom Field Energy. Additionally, the group is experiencing Chicago sightseeing such as Navy Pier and Willis Tower and making shopping trips.