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Students welcome new NIU president

July 23, 2013

New NIU President Doug Baker films a video welcome message Thursday.This past spring, Northern Illinois University sophomore Ben Stone had a lot on his mind the day before his stats final. So much so that he blocked off the entire day to practice calculating standard deviation. Yet, even the pressure of the pending exam didn’t keep the environmental studies major from taking a break to play a part in a welcome video for NIU’s new president and first lady, Douglas D. Baker and Dana Stover.

Stone was one of more than 40 students across campus who participated in the video project titled, “We’re Welcoming our New President.” The video was commissioned by the Division of University Advancement and edited by senior Time Arts major, Milo Barsanti-Gonzalez.

“The project gave me a chance to see campus life beyond the art building and witness what other students do in their various fields of study,” says Barsanti-Gonzalez.

“I think the glimpse of student life is something President Baker will appreciate,” he adds.

Barsanti-Gonzalez explains that the video features clips from students he encountered as he walked through campus during final exams. Each student stopped what he or she was doing for a moment to be filmed. Whether they were practicing their sport, working in the lab, or like Stone, cramming for finals, the talented student videographer says everyone he approached for the impromptu footage was excited to take part.

“I was honored to be asked to participate,” says Stone. “We are all glad to welcome Dr. Baker to NIU.”


We’re Welcoming Our New President to NIU from NIU Alumni Association on Vimeo.