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COMS student awarded internship in L.A.

July 18, 2013

Lindsey Rodriguez

As Lindsey Rodriguez wandered through Watson Hall, she was compelled to stop at a poster that caught her interest. The poster was an advertisement for a highly competitive two-month internship in Los Angeles with the Academy of Television and Sciences.

Only 20 students are awarded the nationwide internship, but delighted by the prospect of rubbing elbows with some of L.A.’s elites, she applied for the position under the guidance and support of her three mentors from the College of Liberal Arts and SciencesRobert Miller, Judy Santacaterina and Matt Swan.

With inspiration from her mother, Rodriguez knew exactly where she wanted to go and what she wanted to study as a major.

“I was living with my mother when she attended NIU,” Rodriguez said. “She also pursued a degree in communications, and she was my inspiration for choosing the educational path I did.”

However, like many other students, she often faced anxiety and doubt about her chosen path, but Rodriguez was continually reassured by the gentle encouragement of her mentors.

“Each of my mentors reminded me that I was in the right major, by either inspiring self-confidence, improving my speech, harnessing my craft or exploring beyond my creative limits,” Rodriguez said.

The internship features numerous workshops, seminars and panels that will expose her to the entertainment industry. “I hope to make contacts that will ultimately be beneficial to my career” she said. “I want to move to Burbank, Calif., and work for Walt Disney Animation Studios, hopefully doing some voice acting and production work in animation.”

The internship is considered an exceedingly competitive position, but is also well-regarded for inspiring individuals by providing invaluable experience and networking opportunities.

by Natalie Santiago