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CEET assistant professor Sciammarella publishes collaborative work with father

July 10, 2013
 Federico Sciammarella

Federico Sciammarella

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) assistant professor Federico Sciammarella recently published one of 15 chapters in the book “Holography – Basic Principles and Contemporary Applications” with the collaboration of his father, Cesar Sciammarella, and researcher Luciano Lamberti.

Holography enables three-dimensional images to be made with the use of a variety of lasers and light intensity recording devices. Using this approach, the research they developed is entitled, “Holography at the Nano Level With Visible Light Wavelengths.” Sciammarella discusses and provides evidence for an approach involving the use of ‘evanescent waves’, which is a near-field intensity that exposes nano objects that can be accessed from a conventional microscope.

“This research is important because it exposes that the object themselves contain information about their structure and when we are able to excite the microscope with these ‘evanescent waves’ you can see and study the nano structures,” Sciammarella said.

Sciammarella’s studies are especially important because nanotechnology research fields are sought to be some of the most essential tools for developing clinical diagnoses and treatments in the near future. Since nano work is studied on an impossibly miniscule scale, it has to be studied using very expensive equipment. As the professors discovered how to view these nano structures on a regular microscope, they have now allowed this research to be accessible to researchers and students alike.

Sciammarella is enjoying recent success in the world of publishing after working with his father on the textbook “Experimental Mechanics of Solids.”

The chapter was released online and can be viewed on