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IBHE lauds NIU Center for P-20 Engagement

July 3, 2013
Anne Kaplan and Earl “Gip” Seaver

Anne Kaplan and Earl “Gip” Seaver

“This makes sense. All universities should do this!”

Following those words from a member of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the IBHE unanimously granted permanent status to NIU’s Center for P-20 Engagement in June.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education’s staff grants temporary approval for new centers and institutes and then conducts a rigorous study after five years as part of considering permanent status.

Launched in 2003, P-20 initiatives have become a unique and innovative asset for NIU. The center coordinates university-wide activities with external partners across the continuum from pre-school (P) through graduate school (20).

“Other P-20 centers exist across the country, but NIU’s center is the only one that focuses on campus-wide coordination of efforts to solve urgent problems in education. The P-20 Center connects external partners with people and resources across five colleges and many offices and centers,” says Anne Kaplan, co-director of the P-20 Center and vice president for Outreach, Engagement, and Information Technologies.

“The original concept behind this initiative was to reduce fragmentation and maximize the impact of off-campus P-20 activities by faculty, programs, departments and students,” adds Earl “Gip” Seaver, co-director of the P-20 Center and deputy provost. “We are proud of the accomplishments of the P-20 Center, which have now been recognized by IBHE.”

Logo of the Illinois Board of Higher EducationThe P-20 Center’s activities involve students, faculty and staff from five NIU colleges and more than two dozen NIU centers and institutes. P-20 projects range across 10 counties in northern Illinois, dozens of school districts and three African countries.

In 2012-13, the P-20 Center activities engaged 1,372 NIU students; 280 NIU faculty; 2763 P-12 teachers; 46,714 P-12 students; and 11,800 community members.

A few of the innovations developed and supported by the P-20 Center include:

  • STEM Outreach, which organizes the annual STEMfest, summer camps, STEM Cafés for community members and STEM Teen Read, a book club for teenagers interested in learning the science behind the fiction. STEM Outreach also delivered whiz-bang science presentations in nearly 100 schools this year, and is rapidly expanding.
  • Full-body motion video games developed by multi-disciplinary teams of NIU students to teach topics as diverse as fourth grade vocabulary and science-for-survival concepts in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption.
  • An online lab school where NIU students will learn to teach in the digital environment and students in fifth- through 12th-grades increase their academic skills while creating online art and sharing their writing.
  • Coordination of NIU’s participation in state-level projects such as the STEM Learning Exchanges and ISLE (Illinois Shared Learning Environment), an online service that will enables individualized learning at school and at home.
  • A Regional College Readiness Partnership with five community colleges to improve the preparation of incoming students.
Marilyn Bellert

Marilyn Bellert

Marilyn Bellert, who has managed NIU’s P-20 initiatives since 2003, credits the success of the center to long-term leadership by Kaplan and Seaver and to the deans of five colleges for their support.

“An exceptionally collaborative group of deans have encouraged their faculty and staff members to participate in P-20 activities and have worked together on many P-20 projects,” Bellert says.

“Deans Chris McCord, Promod Vohra, Rich Holly, LaVonne Neal and Derryl Block are consistently supportive and helpful in planning and implementing P-20 projects. With leadership from Anne Kaplan and Gip Seaver, they have established a campus-wide culture of collaboration for P-20 activities of all kinds.”

A sampling of P-20 events in June 2013 shows campus-wide involvement:

For more information on the NIU Center for P-20 Engagement, call (815) 753-1403 or email [email protected].