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Buettner honored for service to NIU board

June 24, 2013
Kathy Buettner

Kathy Buettner

After 10 years of service to Northern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees as the head of board operations, NIU vice president of University Relations Kathy Buettner was honored by the board during her last meeting in that capacity.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Kathy, I’d like to thank you for your distinguished and exemplary service to the board,” said Chair Cherilyn G. Murer at the June 20 business meeting. “Kathy assumed responsibility for Board operations more than a decade ago, and she has faithfully served this board in so many ways, many of which are behind the scenes.”

Buettner will continue to serve the board as the administrative liaison to the Legislation, Audit and External Affairs Committee (LAEAC) and as the board’s second assistant secretary.

Effective July 1, Buettner will transition this role to Bill Nicklas, who has been appointed to handle this function by President-Designate Douglas Baker.