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Eggs on their faces? NIU students rise early, strut for WGN Morning News College Challenge

April 30, 2013

WGN egg contestApproximately 75 students representing different facets of Northern Illinois University gathered Tuesday morning at the New Residence Hall Complex Community Center to participate in the College Challenge, which aired live on the WGN Morning News.

The “Minute To Win It”-inspired feature brought WGN morning host Frank Holland to NIU’s campus, where he interviewed students and had them participate in crazy tests of “skill” involving Oreo cookies, toilet paper, raw and hard-boiled eggs, and even a “Revenge of the Nerds”-style belching contest.

Students representing Alpha Phi Omega, the Black Male Initiative, Campus Activities Board, Panhellenic Council, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and the University Honors Program participated in the events, seen live on WGN between 7 and 9 a.m.

Students from the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity even improvised an ode to the WGN Morning News. The WGN Morning News team tweeted shortly after: “We finally found a worse singer than @WGNRobin (Baumgarten, anchor). Looking at you, #NIU.”

The university was quick to note that the fraternity singers are not indicative of the student musicians mentored at the NIU School of Music.

The morning show ended with an egg roulette event inspired by the Jimmy Fallon Show, transitioning into a Harlem Shake. “I’ve trained for this my whole life,” a student participant in the egg roulette event said afterward.

Baumgarten thanked all the students at NIU, and WGN morning anchor Larry Potash said at the close of the program, “Overall it was a pretty decent show, all things considered.”