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CEET, Society of Women Engineers join to host first Women Engineering Day event in March

April 3, 2013

Society of Women EngineersNIU’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE) helped to kick off the first Women in Engineering Day event, held March 19 at the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

The event tries to get high schools girls interested and excited about the field of engineering.

“The Women in Engineering event is a good way to get high school girls interested in engineering while having fun,” faculty adviser Suma Rajashankar said. “Through the Women Engineering Day, students are able to learn the importance of teamwork and engineering while interacting with the faculty to better understand engineering as a career.”

Students in middle school and high school participated in group activities.

Given popsicle sticks, each group was asked to try to create a motorized, spinning arm called a “kick-stick” that would kick ping-pong balls at high speeds.

Parents received information about the college, and tours were given of the college’s facilities. Counselors from the NIU Office of Admissions also attended the event to answer any questions.

“Engineering careers offer unlimited opportunities,” said Pettee Guerrero, SWE student chapter president. “With a career in engineering you are able to solve everyday problems like providing new solutions for car safety or building alternative ways to generate electricity.”

SWE, which promotes and encourages women in the engineering field, also helps to run NIU’s Enhancing Engineering Pathways summer camp.