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Orange glow: Every ‘dog’ savors its day in Miami

January 2, 2013

Go Huskies!There was no official proclamation. No formal ceremony.

To anyone paying attention, however, it was obvious that Florida A1A in Ft. Lauderdale had been transformed into “Huskie Way” for New Year’s Day 2013.

Members of the Huskie Nation were out in force on the sidewalks, on the sand and in the waves, and they didn’t need to wear the red and black to be instantly recognizable.

They were the ones who weren’t bothered by the breeze that the locals found chilly. They were the ones frolicking in the waves that the Floridians long ago stopped noticing. They were the ones who couldn’t stop taking pictures of palm trees, or get enough of beach side bars and bistros.

Go Huskies!But the quickest way to recognize them was by the smiles that seemed permanently pasted on their faces.

It didn’t matter if they were students who had piled into buses for the 30-hour trip. It didn’t matter if they were alumni who climbed into cars with old classmates or family and made the drive, or if they popped for plane tickets on one of the university charters. As long as they smiled and waved at a holler of “Go Huskies!” from strangers nearby, all were friends.

Conspicuously absent was the maroon and gold of Florida State.

Yet that was fine with the fans. As many of their shirts proclaimed, “Every Dog Has Its Day.” And this day belonged to the Huskies.

Go Huskies!