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Ten, nine, eight … Huskie fans ring in 2013 at Lauderdale Orange Bowl Downtown Countdown

January 1, 2013
NIU alum and Huskie fan Boris Gorokhovsky (top right) joins family and friends to ring in 2013 at the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Countdown.

NIU alum and Huskie fan Boris Gorokhovsky (top right) joins family and friends to ring in 2013 at the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Countdown.

“Northern’s put a great program together. I’m very proud of it, as an alum, I’m very excited and couldn’t be happier for not only what we’re here for – the bowl game – but also what they’ve done off the field academically and in the community.”

Those are the words of 1992 graduate Dennis Litz, who traveled down from Atlanta with his wife, Charlene (1991) and children to support the Huskies and take part of all of the festivities associated with the Discover Orange Bowl.

Litz and his family were among the many Huskie fans ringing in 2013 on Orange Bowl Eve at the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Countdown. They try to get to as many NIU events as they can and have supported the Huskies when they played in Tennessee and other places in the South.

“We went to Mobile last year for the GoDaddy and it was a great experience. We loved it, and being in a BCS bowl (this year) makes it that much greater,” Litz said enthusiastically.

“This here in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Downtown Countdown, is perfect for the family. We’re having a blast! I think Fort Lauderdale and the Orange Bowl do such a nice job, and we’re really excited to be a part of it.”

Students and other NIU fans were spotted inside many establishments during the New Year’s Eve event.

Logo: City of Fort Lauderdale | Orange Bowl Downtown Countdown“The energy around the whole thing has been fantastic,” said Joe Matise, a 2003 graduate from Tinley Park.

Matise and his friends have followed NIU since graduation and travel to one big game every year. They visited the Alumni Association function before coming to downtown Fort Lauderdale for the official Downtown Countdown.

“It’s great for NIU,” Matise said.

Matt Ouano, a 2000 graduate, drove 16 hours from Ashburn, Va., with his family. As a student, he endured the Huskies’ 23-game losing streak and appreciates how the program has been built for success. “We’ve been huge backers of NIU since I graduated, and to see them come this far. Of course, we’re going to support them,” Ouano said.

“It’s a great experience. It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re getting a big bowl game atmosphere,” he added. “We’re seeing a lot of fellow Northern Illinois fans down here as well, coming together. It’s always fun when you can celebrate a big event in a larger atmosphere with a ‘larger family.’ ”

“This was a dream come true. I never thought that this would happen, going to a bowl as big as this one,” said Boris Gorokhovsky, who earned his bachelor’s degree in 1994 and master’s in 1996. “I watched the Humanitarian bowl on TV and watched some of the others, but this one was so big we decided it was worth coming to the game to watch it live.”

Gorokhovsky is part of a large group that includes his wife and three children plus about 20 Sigma Nu fraternity brothers.

“I’m really enjoying the atmosphere,” Gorokhovsky said of the Fort Lauderdale countdown, noting a strong NIU presence everywhere he’s been. “I’ve run into so many Northern people and everyone has been like, ‘Hey, go Huskies’ up and down from Hollywood all the way down to Miami. It’s just been amazing.”

“People are getting pride in the school, and it’s just great to see it,” Ouano said.

“Miami has done a great job with Northern’s participation in the Orange Bowl, and everything they’ve offered to the alumni and fans has been terrific,” Litz added proudly. “But whether it’s Mobile or Miami, as long as Northern’s in a bowl game, we’ll be there. It’s awesome.”