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NIU update regarding employees charged in ‘coffee fund’ investigation

October 22, 2012

Allegations of employee misconduct are of grave concern to Northern Illinois University’s leaders and our community.  Because of this concern and upon being advised of the existence of a private ‘coffee fund’ bank account, the university immediately initiated an investigation on Aug. 3 to discover the truth behind the ‘coffee fund’ bank account, its purpose and history.  NIU’s police department was assigned to conduct the investigation the very day the initial allegation was received.

According to NIU Police and Public Safety spokesperson Sgt. Alan Smith, the department turned over its findings from the ‘coffee fund’ investigation directly to the DeKalb County State’s Attorney on Sept. 4.  He said although findings were submitted to the State’s Attorney, the department’s investigation related to the case is ongoing.

NIU administrators continue to cooperate with what has been labeled by the NIU police as an ongoing criminal investigation.  The university respects the State’s Attorney’s authority to investigate and bring charges and is mindful that each employee remains innocent until the adjudicatory process establishes otherwise.

After a thorough review of state civil service statutes and regulations as well as university employment policies and practices, Northern Illinois University has placed each of the eight employees charged as a result of the ‘coffee fund’ investigation on administrative leave.  During the administrative leave period the eight employees—in accordance with state civil service statutes and university policy—will receive regular salary.

A total of nine were charged by the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office on Tuesday, Oct. 16, as a result of the investigation. The ninth person is no longer an employee of NIU.