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Commit to be Fit

September 7, 2012
Eric Appiah

Eric Appiah

Your health is important!

This fall, you’ve got a busy class schedule, extracurricular activities, study groups, campus events and much more. Don’t forget about taking care of you during the next two semesters.

For some of you, it’s time for you to get back into shape; for others, you need to have accountability to keep up your healthy habits. Campus Recreation offers a wide spectrum of health and fitness services to help you get fit and stay healthy.

We have re-vamped our Huskie Fit Club program to provide a high-intensity, short workout that allows you to achieve all your personal fitness goals while working in a group atmosphere. Think of it as p90x, Crossfit and insanity programs all rolled into one.

We design workouts in a progressive manner that helps you continue to see results without experiencing a plateau. Our certified personal trainers ensure that the class is safe and appropriate for all fitness levels.

Also, we set you up with a registered dietician to guide you in designing an eating plan that fits your lifestyle and improves your health.  We will also provide custom workout plans that you will complete when you are not in class with the trainer. This class is guaranteed to give you results!

The most difficult part of a fitness program is knowing where to begin, how long to work out, and what exercises will provide the best results.

Commit to Fit!Campus Recreation staff can answer all those questions.

If you have been “thinking” about getting back into shape, then stop thinking and come in to let us help you get started and keep you on track with your goals. We offer other services such as individual personal training sessions, group fitness classes and dietician/nutrition counseling. Our facility is equipped with the latest fitness equipment on the market, including new Keiser spinning bikes, the Jacobs Ladder, power plate, free motion machines, brand new cardio and weight machines, a dedicated boxing room and much much more!

Challenge yourself this year and make a commitment to pursuing a healthy lifestyle now, before the semester gets rolling!

If you have questions or need more information, contact me at (815) 753-9421 or [email protected].

Eric Appiah is assistant director of Fitness & Wellness at Campus Recreation.