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New CD will feature DeKalb punk, metal bands

September 6, 2012

CD cover artwork for “DeKalb Brawl City”Chicagoland’s Don’t Panic, it’s a Distro plans a Sunday, Sept. 30, release of “DeKalb Brawl City,” a compilation CD featuring punk and metal bands from DeKalb.

The 17-track CD features independently released music from both current and defunct bands from DeKalb. Ranging from punk and metal to folk and ska, “DeKalb Brawl City” dives down deep into the underground of the city’s music scene.

Amongst the artists featured on the comp are the notable Sick/Tired and Turbo Vamps, who have each performed as openers for legendary national bands such as Nasum and The Misfits, respectively.

The CD also features local rising singer/songwriter Davey Dynamite, who has been praised by the Northern Star on multiple occasions. Also included are local punk veterans Sleeping Under 47, who have been on the bill for almost every prominent punk show in DeKalb in the last handful of years.

The CD will be distributed at local record stores, at local concerts and at a Sept. 30 CD release party at The House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Hwy.

Tracks included on “DeKalb Brawl City”:

  • Hasta Lumbago: “Race Car”
  • Turbo Vamps: “For My Boys”
  • Sick/Tired: “Sky High”
  • Richardson: “Beard Option/ Incestuous Scene”
  • Danger Boy: “Dinosaur Neil”
  • The Stockyards: “Dead Roses (live)”
  • Minimum Wage Assassins: “Chopped Burnt Left for Dead”
  • MZRCDXVL: “Pace”
  • The Rales: “First World Decay”
  • Nobelium 102: “Unicorn Genocide”
  • Davey Dynamite: “Down and Up (live)”
  • Gonzo Violence: “Ghetto Tactics”
  • Seasonal Men’s Wear: “Ice Climbers”
  • Baptism: “Ezway”
  • A: “DeKalb Raw Pity”
  • Sleeping Under 47: “Rain Comin’ ”
  • Jim Crowbot: “DeKalb Brawl City”

For more information, email [email protected].