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NIU working to address cellular coverage issues in new residence hall, isolate potential problem

August 30, 2012

Students outside the new residence hallNIUTEL and Housing & Dining have been receiving concerns from parents and students regarding cellular coverage in the New Residence Hall due to its solid and durable construction of 8-inch thick concrete pre-cast walls with concrete plank flooring.

However, NIU staff overseeing the project were able to use cell phones in all above-grade levels of the building at all times during the construction process and continue to have service inside of the building. All are on Verizon Wireless.

NIUTEL has identified that most of the problems seem to come from AT&T/Cingular (Cingular was purchased by AT&T) customers.

The university has asked AT&T to upgrade its antenna coverage in the area, and Sprint and Verizon have been alerted to this concern in the New Residence Hall.

Verizon officials have told NIU that they will make an attempt in the next two weeks to reposition their antenna, located in the tower near Annie Glidden Road and Lucinda Avenue to improve coverage.

Each pod has a phone that is fully functional for emergency situations. Community advisers also have fully functional land lines within their rooms.