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Campus parking regulations to be enforced beginning July 15

July 12, 2012

Photo of parking ticket on windshieldBeginning July 15, parking and driving regulations on the NIU campus will be enforced, resulting in possible citations for vehicles in unauthorized areas.

Based on collective feedback from the Campus Parking Committee, the Student Association Senate and the University Council, any vehicles driven for found parked on grass and sidewalks will be subject to a ticket. Additionally, the rule allowing all NIU vehicles to park in a service space for an extended period of time will be eliminated.

NIU craft vehicles will continue to have access to service spaces, but any other vehicles will require a parking pass that can be obtained from Campus Parking Services. Parking will continue to be prohibited in posted zones, yellow zones, fire hydrant zones, fire lanes, crosswalks or sidewalks.

For more information, contact Campus Parking Services at (815) 753-1045 or [email protected].