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Restricted access enforcement at bus turnaround to begin July 1

June 26, 2012

Beginning July 1, access to the bus turnaround adjacent to Northern Illinois University’s Holmes Student Center will be limited to bus traffic, loading dock deliveries, services vehicles, hotel guest check-in/drop-off, handicap parking and those with ‘special circumstance’ permits, which can be secured from the Campus Parking Office on a very limited basis.

Perhaps the biggest change for the university community is the elimination of the 15-minute short-term parking spaces on the east side of the Neptune Residence Hall. These spaces will be relocated to Lot D, immediately west of Neptune.

“While the safety of pedestrians in this area was the primary concern in enacting this policy, it became clear that—because of the use of this area as a pick-up and drop-off point for Neptune—accommodations needed to be made to allow for continued access to short-term parking,” says John Gordon, chair of the NIU Campus Parking Committee. “We are glad we were able to make arrangements in Lot D.”

The changes to bus turnaround access are the result of a resolution put forth by the Student Association Senate during its December 4, 2011 meetingSAR43028 (Austin Quick) states that the bus turnaround “is a dangerous place for pedestrians since many vehicles other than busses drive in excessive speeds with no care for safety” and that the “school must take steps to ensure the safety of those in that area.”

The NIU Campus Parking Committee, which is the advisory body to the associate vice president for operations for parking and traffic matters, made a recommendation that included an action plan to implement the changes as well as enforcement mechanisms for the measure on February 12.

New turnaround entrance signage has already been posted, and the short-term parking spaces will be eliminated in conjunction on July 1. The NIU Department of Police and Public Safety will begin enforcement at that time, assisting in the transition and implementation of the new policy through the start of the fall semester and then beyond. Additional structural changes such as the addition of ADA-compliant walkways and a hotel drop-off zone will take place throughout the 2013 fiscal year.