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Engineering professor Sciammarella publishes experimental mechanics textbook with father

May 4, 2012
Federico Sciammarella and his parents, Cesar and Esther.

Federico Sciammarella and his parents, Cesar and Esther.

Federico Sciammarella, assistant professor in the NIU Department of Mechanical Engineering, recently published a textbook titled, “Experimental Mechanics of Solids.”

The book came as the result of collaboration between Sciammarella and his father, Cesar Sciammarella.

The younger Sciammarella has taught in the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology since 2007. He currently is on sabbatical working at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa.

Sciammarella grew up in Chicago and still lives there today.

“I actually started this project with my father about two years ago,” Sciammarella said. “It is a culmination of his life’s work and a large portion of my career as well.”

As advertised, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the mechanics of solids, presenting widely used methodologies based on research done by the lead author. It also contains illustrations that help to illuminate the topic, and serves as a quick reference guide.

Experimental Mechanics of Solids textbook coverThe official description of the book says, “It begins by establishing the fundamentals of continuum mechanics, explaining key areas such as the equations used, stresses and strains, and two- and three-dimensional problems.”

It will help provide a clear understanding of how to approach difficult problems when it comes to testing materials or components. The book also highlights non-destructive testing of materials that can help solve problems in an industrial setting.

Althgouth the textbook is meant to be a classroom tool for graduate students, Sciammarella also hopes that professionals will use it as well.

“The book attempts to clarify and simplify experimental mechanics, particularly the optical methods utilized as a tool to solve many practical problems in the industry,” he said.

“Experimental Mechanics of Solids” can be found on, or through the publisher (Wiley).

“It is a great pleasure and honor to have done this with my father. He is known around the world as the expert in experimental mechanics, and I have learned a great deal from him,” Sciammarella said. “I look forward to passing this along to my students.”