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DeKalb Area Women’s Center to host exhibition featuring 40 visual artists, 10 performing artists

April 27, 2012
Photo of a sculpture by Siew Lian Lim.

A sculpture by Siew Lian Lim.

The DeKalb Area Women’s Center will host the group art exhibition “We Work. Art Talks. We Offer.”

Curated by Siew Lian Lim, the exhibition will take place from Tuesday, May 1, through Friday, May 25, at 1021 State St. in DeKalb.

An opening reception is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 4, and will feature performances. The public is invited, and refreshments will be served.

During the end of the university semester frenetic pace of installing and attending art shows, Lim sent out an invitation to be represented in a group exhibit in a local gallery.

Nearly 40 visual artists and 10 performing artists responded.

The resulting show presents artwork in a variety of media by professional artists, emerging artists and student artists from Northern Illinois University, the DeKalb area and Chicagoland.

In looking for commonality among the disparate media, artistic styles, and expressions, the curator determined that “we make artwork. All our work talks. We offer our artwork to share, to learn, to create and support with the community for balance, harmony, and peace within ourselves, with others and with the environment.”

DAWC gallery director Anna Marie Coveny supports the “communiversity” effort, noting the strong presence of the NIU School of Art in the community: All of the area artists and most of the Chicago artists have a past connection to the university.

NIU faculty artists include David Parker, Katie Kahn, Lee Sido and, from the NIU Art Museum, artists Peter Olson and Josephine Burke.

A print by Tessa Shackleford: “The Calling of St. Fatty 2 x 4,” multiple block, color reduction, 18 x 24, 2011.

A print by Tessa Shackleford: “The Calling of St. Fatty 2 x 4,” multiple block, color reduction, 18 x 24, 2011.

Student artists are Mary Hintzen, Emily Franklin, Heather Greene, Taryn Boals, Liz Z. Howell, Paul Madsen, Tessa Shacklelford, Michael Barber, Anna Miller, Maria Dimanshtein, Jim Henry, Troy Miller, Natee Prasanpanich, Iga Puchalsky, Corey Crum, James Ingallino, Cristin Zanacco and Karen E. Murphy.

DeKalb area community artists are represented by Jay Paul Bell, Julie Kiefer-Bell, Kimberly Mullarkey, Steven Hoover, Mary von Zellen, Anna Marie Coveny, Chris Blume and Anna Joy. Chicagoland representation involves Michael Maholland, Lisa Dzuricsko, Anne Becker, Becky Blaine, Brenda Jones and Phil Willman.

NIU performers who will be on stage at the reception are Glynnis White, Matthew Ropp, Andrew Reum, Silvia Ginting, Joseph Kinzer, Piyathida Sereebenjapol and Nurul Aziz and his team.

This unique arts experience takes place in the Old Finn Hall, now owned by the DeKalb Area Women’s Center, on the east side of DeKalb’s downtown.

Parking is available one-half block south of the State Street building, off of 11th Street. The accessible lift can be reached from the alley immediately north.

For more information, call (815) 758-1351.