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Northern Public Radio trio get special training to advance digital media use in news reporting

April 16, 2012

Photo of a hand holding an mp3 playerNorthern Public Radio was one of eight public radio organizations nationwide selected to participate in a special 11-week training session on advancing the use of digital media to enhance the public radio experience.

The training program is funded by the Knight Foundation through NPR (National Public Radio).

Development Director and Interim General Manager Staci Hoste, Program Director Bill Drake and Managing Editor Victor Yehling took part in a three-day leadership seminar in Washington, D.C., from April 11 through April 13.

The station news and support staff will continue the effort through a series of webinars and on-site training to develop greater skills in presenting news and related information via the Internet, Facebook and other digital applications.

“Northern Public Radio has an award-winning broadcast news department,” Hoste said, “and we want to develop the capabilities to make our digital presentation equally compelling. We are looking forward to the next several weeks and the potential they bring to our efforts.”