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Roger Kalisiak Lecture scheduled April 19

April 10, 2012
Paul Plummer

Paul Plummer

Paul Plummer, certified athletic trainer and supervisor of St. Vincent Sport Performance Physicians in Indianapolis, will share his lecture “Life Lessons Learned through Athletic Training” at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 19, in the McCareins Auditorium of Northern Illinois University’s Yordon Center.

His presentation will mark the 7th year of the Roger Kalisiak Lecture Series.  This annual event provides students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the general public a chance to learn about athletic training from professionals in the field.

The lecture series was established by athletic trainer and NIU alumnus Roger Kalisiak and his wife, Cathy.

The couple’s intent is to provide students with practical information and advice for their future careers. “We hope that the students will take away a message that they will be able to incorporate into their daily professional and personal lives,” Kalisiak said.

Past years have proved beneficial for students.

Students have made networking connections leading to internships and employment, Kalisiak said.  The students have also gained confidence and inspiration by hearing from some of the positive leaders in the field.

Roger Kalisiak

Roger Kalisiak

Kalisiak’s own leadership in the athletic training field is being honored this year.

He is receiving the Great Lakes Athletic Training Association (GLATA) Dedicated Service Award and being inducted into the National Athletic Training Association Hall of Fame. In 2002, Kalisiak received the Golden Pinnacle Award from GLATA for being an outstanding leader.

“To be recognized by one’s peers is a very humbling experience,” Kalisiak said. “One only tries to make things better for others because that is the nature of the [athletic training] profession.”

For the future, Kalisiak said he hopes to “stay active as much as I possibly can. The students challenge me and their energy is contagious.”

Also, he added, “we want to continue to contribute and make the lecture series grow with the help of others.”

For more information about the Roger Kalisiak Lecture Series and the Athletic Training program at NIU, contact the Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education at (815) 753-1424.

by Sarah Frazer