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Chemistry professor Narayan Hosmane invited to conduct research, lecture in Ningbo, China

April 10, 2012
Narayan Hosmane

Narayan Hosmane

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has named Narayan Hosmane, an NIU Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry, as a recipient of its prestigious 2012 Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists.

The academy is a leading academic institution and comprehensive research and development center in natural science, technological science and high-tech innovation.

Hosmane, of DeKalb, has been invited to lecture and conduct research at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering. The institute is located in the seaport of Ningbo, among China’s oldest cities.

The NIU chemistry professor said he is planning for a brief visit to China in August and a two-month stay in the spring of 2013, during his sabbatical.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to explore new connections and avenues for my research,” he said.

Among the world leaders in boron chemistry research, Hosmane has developed a wide range of research projects that have potential applications in a numerous areas, from the development of new cancer treatment methods to simple and environmentally friendly ways to produce the wonder material known as graphene.

Hosmane attended a conference in Beijing in 2010, and scientists there became interested in his proposed use of magnetic nanoparticles for the delivery of cancer-fighting drugs to tumor cells.

Narayan HosmaneThe Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Visiting Professorships Program selects international scientists who have demonstrated original and significant research work. The program seeks to enhance the science and technology innovation capacity of the academy’s institutes and strengthen cooperation and exchange with international research institutions and universities.

“This type of collaboration is important to advancing cancer research because it allows scientists across continents to share ideas, methods and facilities,” Hosmane said. He added that the visiting professorship also could result in Chinese students or professors coming to NIU for collaborative research.

Hosmane’s latest achievement adds to his long list of international honors

They include the Humboldt Research Award for senior scientists (in 2001 and 2007) from Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; the BUSA Award for Distinguished Achievements in Boron Science; the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Distinguished Chair of Chemistry at the University of Hyderabad, India; and the Gauss Professorship of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences, Germany.