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Deadline nears for SPS Council nominations

March 8, 2012

Photo of people raising their hands in a meetingFriday is the deadline to nominate for representatives and alternates to the Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) Council.

Each of the six divisions that comprise the Supportive Professional Staff has a number of representatives and alternates on the Supportive Professional Staff Council determined proportionately by the total number of individuals in that division. Each representative and alternate is elected to a two-year term.

Individuals who are currently on the council whose terms expire in 2012 and others who have previously served are eligible to run again. Alternates whose terms continue until 2012 are eligible to run for representative.

Current representatives and alternates are named online.

The SPS Council was established to provide a means of communication among SPS on campus, and to be a vehicle for articulating the interests and concerns of SPS employees to other constituents of the university community. SPS Council representatives and their alternates are elected by their peers.

Serving on the council provides an excellent opportunity to be involved in decisions affecting almost 900 Supportive Professional Staff at Northern Illinois University. These decisions can impact salary adjustments, employee benefits, awards and recognitions, and many other critical SPS employee initiatives.

The SPS Council generally meets from 10 a.m. to noon on the second Thursday of each month.

Electronic nominations are encouraged. Place a check mark by each person you wish to nominate.

To make nominations manually, write those names on paper and forward Mike Stang, executive director of Housing & Dining.

For more information, contact Stang at (815) 753-9651 or [email protected].