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Kostic invited to give keynote lecture in China about his new fundamental concept-theories

November 30, 2011
Milivoje Kostic

Milivoje Kostic

Milivoje Kostic, a professor of  mechanical engineering in the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, has been invited to present a keynote lecture at the International Forum on Frontier Theories of Thermal Science in Beijing, China.

The forum is scheduled from Sunday, Dec. 18, through Wednesday, Dec. 21.

Kostic will speak about his new fundamental concept-theories regarding the electromagnetic nature of thermo-mechanical mass-energy transfer, as well as his holistic generalization of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

His keynote lecture is titled, “Electromagnetic Nature of Thermo-Mechanical Mass-Energy Transfer Due to Photon Diffusive Re-Emission and Propagation.” The talk will explore his hypothesis that conduction heat transfer and work transfer within material systems are electromagnetic in nature.

Kostic’s second presentation at Tsinghua University is titled, “Holistic Reasoning and Generalization of the Second Law of Energy Degradation and Entropy Generation.”

This talk will cover his work to clarify the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which, while considered among the most fundamental principles of engineering, science and nature remains rather obscure 150 years after its discovery.