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Crews restore power to all of Swen Parson Hall

October 3, 2011

Photo of a plug in a wall outletUPDATE
3:15 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3

Just before 2 p.m. today, power was restored to the Swen Parson Hall building lights and convenience outlets (office computers) by way of a generator sitting on the east side of the building. A second (larger) generator has just arrived and it will be set just east of the courtyard.

Technicians from the Division of Finance and Facilities anticipate powering all remaining systems in the building prior to the start of classes Tuesday, Oct. 4. The generators are relatively quiet, and steps are being taken to cover the exposed cabling leads so they do not pose a trip hazard.

The power fluctuation today might have caused damage to a section of the high voltage line feeding the center section of Swen. Crews are testing right now and anticipate having to replace a significant amount (600 feet) of high voltage wire.

It is likely that the building will need to be on generator power for the next week while new wire is pulled in and repairs are made to damaged elements of our building.

The north and south sections of Swen continue to function without incident.

10:15 a.m. Monday, Oct. 3

Technicians from the Division of Finance and Facilities are working to restore power to the central portion of Swen Parson Hall.

According NIU technicians an early morning glitch in the power transmission feed from Com Ed to the building required power to be shut down shortly after 9:10 am.

Three College of Law classrooms, the David C. Shapiro Memorial Law Library and several College of Law administrative offices are affected by the power shutdown.

North and south portions of Swen Parson Hall, including the Office of the Bursar and an ITS computer room are unaffected by the power shutdown.

According to administrators from the College of Law all classes scheduled for Monday remain in session and the law library is open and providing all services.

College of Law students with questions regarding class schedules should call the College of Law’s Faculty Assistants’ office at  (815) 753-0618.