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Energy Systems Group sponsors STEMfest 2011

October 3, 2011

Energy Systems GroupEnergy Systems Group (ESG) has partnered with NIU’s STEM Outreach to sponsor STEMfest 2011, an annual event that packs NIU’s Convocation Center with thousands of area students exploring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through exhibits, competitions and hands-on activities.

ESG donated $30,000 to STEMfest to expand the range of learning opportunities available at the popular event, scheduled for October 22 at the NIU Convocation Center.

The award-winning energy services provider is committed to the education of future energy, engineering, and technology professionals. ESG provides innovative solutions for the modernization of buildings and energy infrastructures in the education, government, healthcare and commercial sectors and offers a full range of solar, wind, and geothermal technology solutions.

With support from ESG, organizers say STEMfest is guaranteed to be bigger and better than ever before.

“An event the scale of STEMfest is expensive,” said event coordinator Pati Sievert. “Without the generous sponsorship of ESG we would not be able to bring all these interesting investigations together in one location for a festival. This also allows us to add some new interactive displays that we would not otherwise be able to afford, including a thermal imaging camera and a Jacob’s ladder.”

STEMfest 2011 will not only have additional activities, but also will reach a wider audience.

“We are also better able to support student group involvement,” Sievert added. “The people at ESG have been fantastic about helping us spread the word about STEMfest to regional school officials as well as supporting us financially.”

Photo of the NIU Convocation CenterFor the past 12 years, NIU has been working with ESG to make the university’s buildings more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

In addition to the Convocation Center’s HVAC equipment, projects have included the installation of motion sensor lighting in campus buildings and solar panels on Gabel Hall to heat the swimming pool. The many improvements throughout campus have saved the university an estimated $39 million in capital expenditures and continue to provide long-term monetary savings.

Frank Colacicco, ESG regional director, sees NIU as a green institution and leader in STEM education.

“We’re excited to have ESG play an active role in the festival,” Colacicco said. “We greatly value our long-term partnership with NIU and strongly support its exceptional dedication and investment towards the education and training of students in the science, technology, engineering and math programs.

“As an energy services provider comprised of professional engineers, construction developers and energy specialists, ESG knows first-hand the value and tremendous opportunity that STEM programs offer,” Colacicco added.

In addition to providing financial support, ESG will present activities and exhibits at STEMfest that demonstrate sustainable energy solutions that reduce carbon footprints.