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College of Education offers expedited licensure for chief school business official candidates

September 30, 2011

Photo of the "Speed Dial" button on a telephoneAs state and federal governments call for increased accountability from education at all levels, the NIU College of Education is continuing to find ways to answer that call.

The college’s Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations now offers expedited Chief School Business Official (CSBO) Licensure. The expedited program allows qualified individuals to enter into a three-semester, six-credit internship, after which the student can be recommended for licensure.

“NIU’s approach to expedited licensure is unique in the state in that candidates are assessed by a panel of experts so that the internship experience can be tailored to individual needs,” says Charles Howell, chair of the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations. “This process ensures that candidates who are recommended for CSBO licensure by the expedited route meet the same high standards as candidates who complete our standard program.”

Howell further notes that both programs are offered in partnership with the leading state professional organization in the field, the Illinois Association of School Business Officials, which provides myriad opportunities for networking and professional development.

Upon completion of all application materials, a panel of experts reviews the knowledge base and experience of each candidate to determine whether he or she is prepared to begin the internship, requires additional coursework or should enroll in the standard licensure program.

The entire process, from receipt of application to notification of the panel’s recommendation, takes about a month, excluding days when NIU is not in session.

Information and application forms are available online.

“School business officials are central players in managing the fiscal, physical, and human resources of public school districts throughout Illinois,” Howell says. “Success as a school business official translates into opportunities for success for each and every student in a district. We are very excited to offer this expedited licensure route and look forward to preparing individuals for these key administrative positions.”